About Me

Magic is an art and its tools must serve it well. From this stems the idea of launching a new enterprise for the creation and production of magic tricks and illusions. My name is Normand Beauchamp.

I have been interested to magic since 1992 and I founded Normek Magic & Illusions.

My goal is to offer high quality, attractive, durable and hand-made products to the international community of magicians. As you know, purchasing a new illusion is an important investment for the practice of magic. I am committed to provide you the best in new creations as well as revamped and improved traditional illusions. Normek Magic & Illusions will propel your next magic show to new heights of success and will arouse great admiration from your audience.

Thank you for the trust you have shown in me by purchasing my refined products. I hope to assist you further in your future magic projects.

Normand Beauchamp
(President and Founder)