About JACKS RETURN: "The tour of our childhood, but there, it's still different, well done."

- Sebastiny Magie

About TOUCH: "Wow ace."  

- Jonathan Allwood

About TOUCH: "I really like the effect, the final appearance is really stunning!"

- Frédérick Hoffman

About EPITAPH: "Wonderful effect and superb technique!"

- Ludwig Van Dawson

About WATERBOY: "Very, Very Clean."

- David Audrey Ferreira

About EPITAPH: "This good!"

- Emilio Mago Bloodenigma

About EPITAPH: "It's magic !"

- Jérôme Picard

About MILLIONAIRE: "Supernova magic !"

- Jonathan Allwood

About EPITAPH: "The EPITAPH effect is really interesting."

- Laurent Dqazwsy

About FORTUNE: "Fantastic !"

-Babu Jena

About HIDE & SEEK: "Very visual"

- Xavitch Bigman Def

About FORTUNE: "Splendid !"

- Francky Tricheur

About JACKS RETURN: "Very nice, congradulations !"

- Johnny Mackros

About JACKS RETURN: "Nice"

- Jorge G. Mirabal


About HIDE & SEEK: "Super!"

- Michel Dieudonné

About HIDE & SEEK: "So good !"

- Pasmore Tichapondwa

About TOUCH: "Awesome !"

- Geovanny Gonzalez

About QUARTERS: " That was soooooo clean and beautiful "

- Mike Jack

About THE TOOLBOX: " Best application in years. I love this, congrats on a very creative idea!!"

- Michael Baker

About SKIN: "Oustanding idea  Normand congratulations!" - Mickey Silver (The Hands of Las Vegas)