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FABRIC: Simply impossible!
By Normand Beauchamp

Imagine being able to make a large format prediction appear on a white tablecloth that is placed on your table.

EFFECT: The magician predicts a spectator's card or any other prediction routine. He takes the white tablecloth that is placed on his table, shows it to the public and in a few seconds the predicted card, the word or the drawing appears on the fabric, in front the bewildered eyes of the spectators.


• I realize your personalized prediction (words, numbers, card, drawing etc)
• Prediction up to 10 inches high x 20 inches wide/ 25 cm high x 50 cm wide.
• Can be performed again and again.
• High quality material.
• Fabric is designed for stage or parlor magic.


*  1 custom white tablecloth.
*  1 black tablecloth.
*  And all the material to achieve this superb illusion.
*  Step-by-step video instruction guide (French and English) online.

Made in Canada