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GHOSTWRITER: Your prediction that reveals itself !
By Normand Beauchamp

You had always dreamed of it now it’s reality! GHOSTWRITER is the ultimate way to show your prediction. Reveals the name of a color on a cardboard, the name of a card on a blank paper, a date on a napkin, a name on a tissue paper even time on
a plate.

EFFECT: The magician predicts a spectator’s card or other prediction’s routine. He takes a piece of paper from his pocket. Suddenly, the prediction appears on the piece of paper under the eyes of the spectator. The possibilities are endless with this accessory!


                                    • You write your own prediction.

                                    • You can control the reveal time.
                                    • Perform in any situation, even surrounded.
                                    • Instant reset.
                                    • No special lighting required.
                                    •  If you want, you can use the same prediction over and over again.



                                     -  1 GHOSTWRITER set
                                     -  On line step-by-step video instruction guide (English and French).

Made in Canada.

GHOSTWRITER refill 3 ml

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"Congratulations for this new routine and superb effect! I can't wait to hear more!Congratulations!" - Antoine Salembier