JACKS RETURN: Incredible card trick !
By Normand Beauchamp

Impress your public with this incredible card trick. JACKS RETURN involves a unique and effective technique.

EFFECT: The magician takes off the 4 jacks from a regular deck. He places them in is hand. He shows the upper card of the deck. He puts the 4 jacks face down on the deck. The magician shows the face of the 4 jacks and puts them one at the time, at different locations inside the deck. He knocks the top of the deck and returns the upper fourth cards…the 4 jacks.

                                      • Regular deck of cards.
                                      • Special gimmick.
                                      • No double sided tape or flaps.
                                      • Incredible effect.


                                      -  On line step-by-step video instruction guide (English and French).

Made in Canada.


price: $ 9.95 USD

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