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MONEY BAR: Magical challenge for your audience!By Normand Beauchamp

Here is a different version and adapted for an adult audience of the famous Acrobatic Fish by Kovari.
Money Bar will allow you to engage your audience while providing a magical challenge to them.

EFFECT: The magician shows a beautiful wooden bar from which 3 ropes are suspended. He asks a spectator to lend him a $ 10.00 bill, which he hangs from the rope on the right. He tells the spectator that if he succeeds in making the bill jump on another string, the magician will keep the $ 10.00. The magician behind his back changes the bill from the right string to the left string.

After two passes, the audience exclaims as the magician simply rotates the bar behind their back. It is then that the magician grabs the 3 strings together and makes the note appear on the middle string and says that the note is now his. The magician asks the spectator if he knows why the magician always wins at this little game. The spectator answers NO then the magician places the bar behind his back to come back with a $ 10.00 bill on each of the strings.

Money Bar is a sure hit on your next magic act where you involve a spectator. Money bar is a high-end version, the bar is made of solid oak decorated with two lines of genuine 23K gold leaf. Stand out with this elegant and terribly effective accessory!


                                    * Bar in solid oak dyed black.
                                    * Decorated with 2 lines of genuine 23K gold leaf.
                                    * Bank note not included.


                                    * 1 MONEY BAR set.
                                    * Step-by-step video instruction guide (French and English) online. 

***Made to order: Allow 1 to 2 weeks.

Made in Canada

Decorated with genuine 23K gold leaf