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SECOND BREATH: Produce an inflated balloon in your hand!
By Normand Beauchamp

Your audience will be shocked to see a balloon appear in your hand.

EFFECT: The magician presents a scarf, shows his empty hand. He covers his hand with the scarf and something swells under the silk. The magician removes the scarf and an inflated and attached balloon ends up in his hand. Never seen before !


                                  * Easy to perform.
                                  * Requires some preparation.
                                  * Spectacular effect.
                                  * Illusion designed for stage or parlor magic.


                                  * 10 balloons.
                                  * 1 high quality black scarf 25 inches x 25 inches / 63,5 cm x 63,5 cm.
                                  * And all material to achieve this superb illusion.
                                  * Step-by-step video instruction guide (French and English) online.

Made in Canada