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SKIN refill 3 ml.

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SKIN: Your prediction appears on your skin!
By Normand Beauchamp

It was impossible until today! SKIN allows you to reveal your prediction or drawing on any area of your skin. Completely invisible, SKIN paves the way to whole new possibilities; no matter what type of magic you practice.

EFFECT: The magician predicts a spectator's card or other mentalism routine. When he wishes, he pours water or applies a damp towel to his skin to reveal his prediction under the incredulous eyes of the spectators. Success guaranteed with this accessory!

                              -1 SKIN set.
                              -video step-by-step instruction guide (French and English) online.

                                    - You write your own prediction in advance.
                                    - Completely invisible.
                                    - Perform in any situation.
                                    - Always ready.
                                    - Can be repeated quickly.

                                    - Skin is not ink.

Made in Canada.