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THE CARD IN THE RINGBOX: Tribute to Tommy Wonder

For a long time I wanted to make a true replica of this legendary box and to offer it to the community of magicians in order to pay tribute to the ingenuity of this famous magician.

EFFECT: A card is freely chosen (no forcing) signed by the person who selected it and lost in the deck. Next, a small wooden ringbox that has remained in plain sight the entire time is opened. Inside is a folded card. When this card is removed and unfolded, it is seen to be the spectator's signed selection. The magician's handling of the cards and the box is so open and simple that no explanation for the magical appearance of the card in the box seems possible.


- True replica of the Tommy Wonder’s ringbox.
- Handmade with quality red oak wood.
- Fabric hinge for smooth movement.
- Black velvet interior finish.
- Bridge or poker size card.
- Reliable and safe.


- 1 red oak ring box
- Step-by-step instruction guide video (French and English ) with presentation by Tommy Wonder (English) online.

Made in Canada.