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THE TOOLBOX: New magical chest for tools production ! By Normand Beauchamp

The most incredible production chests is born! THE TOOLBOX is a chest that allows you to reveal tools or other objects. A fresh and dynamic idea that will allow you to innovate a funniest routine. THE TOOLBOX is a professional illusion, handcrafted with quality, durable materials. The chest is strong and light. Its operating mechanism is very well designed. This illusion can only be presented from the front and does not require an assistant. THE TOOLBOX produces a lot of tools and is manufactured to allow the chest to move around the stage between productions.

THE EFFECT: The magician arrives on stage with his Toolbox, places it on a table, shows the empty chest, and reveals tools of all kinds. He can repeatedly show the empty interior and produce other tools or other objects.

                                    * Weight: 4 lbs / 1.81 kg

                                    * The chest is decorated with attractive white stripes.
                                    * A pencil-holder is fastened to the inside of the lid.
                                    * Made with poplar plywood.

                                  * 1 THE TOOLBOX set.
                                  * Step-by-step instruction video guide (French and English) online. 
                                  * Tools are not included.

***Made to order: Allow 3-4 weeks.

Made in Canada.