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TOUCH: Incredible card transformation!
By Normand Beauchamp

TOUCH allows the transformation of a card to the spectator’s card. A new and very effective way to change a card (no double lift).

EFFECT: The magician shuffles a regular deck of cards. He asks spectator to choose a card. The spectator shows his card to the audience and returns the card to the deck. The magician shuffles the deck of cards and asks again to choose a card. Unfortunately the new chosen card it’s not the good one. The magician puts the card, face down, on top of the deck. He asks spectator to touch the card with his finger. When the top card is returned….it is the spectator’s card. That is an incredible card transformation.


                                            * Regular deck of cards
                                              * Special gimmick.
                                              * No double lift.

                                              * No double sided tape or flaps.
                                              * Very visual.


                                    * 1 TOUCH set (cards and gimmick).
                                    * Step-by-step video instruction guide (English and French) online.

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