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Trespass: The one and only rope through the body!
By Normand Beauchamp

So, you dream of passing a rope through your body while showing that it goes behind your back? TRESPASS was designed for you!

TRESPASS is a new concept due to the single rope (not gimmicked) used in the trick and the spectator can examine the rope after the penetration.

EFFECT: The magician enters holding the ends of a rolled-up rope. The magician shows the rope passing behind his back. Each spectator holds one extremity of the rope and pulls while the rope slices through the magician’s body.


                                      * Only one rope used (not gimmicked)
                                      *  Very visual and clean.
                                      *  Can be done alone or with 2 spectators.
                                      *  You can also perform with chain or tape.


                                    * 1 rope measuring 20 feet/ 6 meters.
                                    * 1 special accessory.
                                    * Step-by-step instruction video guide (French and English) online. 

Made in Canada.